Transmittance:   41%

Optical Density: 800-900nm OD>6   

                          900 - 1100nm OD>7

L-Rating:            800-900nm DIR LB5+IR LB6

                          900-1080nm DI LB5 + R LB7

Available:           808&980&1064nm etc.,

Application:       Dental lasers, Diodes, ND: YAG,Fiber laser

According:         CE EN207


Transmittance:    20%

Optical Density: 180 - 534nm OD 6+

                           800-1100nm OD 5+

                           900 - 1095nm OD 6+

L-Rating:             316 - 534nm DIR LB5 + M LB5   

Available:            532nm&808nm&1064nm etc.,

Application:        2 line YAG and KTP, Q-Switch

According:          CE EN207


Transmittance:   35%

Optical Density: 630 – 660nm OD2+

                           800 – 1100nm OD5+

L-Rating:            630 – 660nm DIR LB2

                           800 - 1100nm DIR LB5   

Available:           650nm&808nm&980nm etc.,

Application:       Red lasers, 808nm Diodes

According:         CE EN207


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LASERPAIR CO., LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise committed to laser safety which located

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military, laboratory and scientific research. We meet multiple laser safety standards such as

GB30863, ANSI Z136.1, EN207, we are also the first batch enterprises passed the German

National Laboratory CE test and obtain relevant qualifications. In recent years, the laser safety products developed and produced by LASERPAIR are fully reached international advanced

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